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Her name is Emma Philippe: https://twitter.com/emmamodemylife She self-identifies as the actress from when she was 18: https://twitter.com/emmamodemylife/status/406933232773390336 There is a website for music video credits, but she wasn't listed in it: http://imvdb.com/video/savage-garden/truly-madly-deeply


The movie is Miss March. The actor is Trevor Moore. The still can be found at this review of the movie.


I tweeted @118118 and they were kind enough to answer for me! The actor is Russ Tamblyn in Black Heat (1976): His character name is Ziggy as he says in the clip, and searching for it on Google images provided plenty of other shots of him in the same awful shirt so I think that's the one:


For some reason the video is not playing (but I do see him in the still before you press the play button), so all I get is audio. The voice sounds a lot like Patrick Wayne (John Wayne's son), but I don't ever remember him being on Star Trek, so there's that. The still even looks like him, of what I can see around the large ">" YouTube play button.


This is actress Lyndie Greenwood in her role as Sonya on the TV show Nikita. This picture is taken from episode 7 in season 3 ("Intersection"); she's bleeding in the GIF because her "kill switch" was activated. See also the top picture here.


I suspect it's Mircea Monroe. She's credited on IMDB as "Ambyr" in the "Hammer of the Gods" episode of Supernatural (in 2010). Here are a few more pictures of her from IMDB. I also found this page on the Supernatural wiki that mentions that the same actress played a bartender at the start of the episode. That led me to IMDB, which led me to the Ambyr ...


Could this be Law Abiding Citizen? A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal. He is incarcerated for the whole movie, and the investigating officers are trying to figure out ...


That is Nathan Fillion. The screen shot seems to be from his role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds from the show Firefly. He has played other roles, including a starring role in the show Castle, and the cult favorite Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.


That's Nathan Fillion. Best known from Castle and Firefly.

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