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Her name is Melody and the photo was taken by Kevin Russ. Just look up his account on Flickr and look through the album titled "People 2006" Here is a different photo of the same woman taken by Kevin Russ.


I believe this is Matt Bomer (Wikipedia page and IMDb page). He's best known for White Collar; he was also in Magic Mike, spent some time on Guiding Light, and was in the HBO version of The Normal Heart. Looks like his husband Simon Halls is there next to him.


The character is Larry Claypool, played by John Diehl. The clip is from the episode "Lord John Marbury", a transcription can be found here: CUT TO: INT. DEPOSITION ROOM - DAY Claypool is seated opposite Josh and Sam, continuing the deposition. There are several other people in the room. CLAYPOOL And you didn't make a single note? JOSH ...

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