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As others have said, a google image search reveals that it is Mark Strong. This blog post identifies the image as coming from a UK series called The Bill IMDB lists Mark String as playing P.C. Gibb in the 1990 episode A Clean Division. The linked blog post has both images from the original question, plus one more. That episode is clearly where the images in ...


Its definitly Mark Strong Young. A simple google image search did the trick for that. The movie is a tad harder.


Looks like Graham Armitage, who went uncredited as Capt. Shepstone:


Is it Sarah Snook - credited as The Unmarried Mother/Jane/John? She does resemble Jodie Foster. From the Wiki: The bartender [Ethan Hawke] seemingly awaits for the arrival of a particular customer who he starts chatting with. This customer, a man, is referred to as the 'Unmarried Mother' since he writes confession magazines, many of them ...

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