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Marshall was an environmental lawyer, and while he had stints in corporate law, creative license laws wouldn't have been his area of expertise. (You can read his character's bio here.) And even if Ted had easy access to the right kind of lawyer, and it actually occurred to him that the movie was a suit-worthy offense (that wouldn't just end up being an ...


How I Met Your Mother is told from Ted's point of view. He didn't make the trip to Rome, so he wouldn't have a lot of details about the trip to tell to his children years later.


In HIMYM most episodes have all the characters at one place. Keeping Lilly and Marshal away from the rest of the characters would not be that much fun I guess


The scene that resolves the bet was cut for time. In the last few seconds of the finale as aired, Ted gets back with Robin (or at least suggests it) and the show ends. But there was a scene that shows Lily paying Marshall over that bet, according to Alyson Hannigan. Hannigan took to Twitter to reveal what scenes were cut in addition to tying up some ...


Update on accepted answer as now more seasons are released. Barney get married to Robin in last season (Season 9) Episode 22 In finale, it is revealed that they got divorced after 3 years, season 9 Episode 23

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