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The game being played is called The Stanley Parable. Here is a YouTube video of the scene: This conversation also happened on Reddit... and this one.


Remember Garrett Walker was facing the impeachment and a special investigation for his participation in the Feng-Tusk money laundering's scheme through international donations. Walker resigned before the impeachment but the investigation was ongoing; we can assume also that the investigation ended because Frank's orders. After all, the Justice Department ...


To Xander Feng, the bridge is nothing but a favor to his allies and friends. In episode 5, the Vice president met him in a trade summit. When they're talking about the projects to be approved, the VP mentioned the Long Island Bridge; Feng stopped the conversation and asked a favor: to continue the lawsuit in the World Trade Organization for currency ...


The issue of the upside-down flag has been answered elsewhere, so to expand Shiz Z.'s answer on the Lincoln Memorial reference, I would say that the blood in Underwood's hand suggests that he's a ruthless, maybe violent character. He's in the place of a former United States president, so he probably wants to be the president himself. Lincoln symbolizes (as ...

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