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It is actually up to the Secret Service agents' discretion whether or not they want to wear a vest, as they can be bulky and hot. This was a question that was brought up on a West Wing forum. Most of the answer is conjecture based on the character in the show, they also received a real email answer: Wouldn't a secret service agent be wearing a bullet ...


Peter Russo got in deep with Francis Underwood due to Frank "handling" his problems with the law. My interpretation of the scene was that Remy didn't want someone showing up later telling him he owes Frank or anyone else a favor now.


There is a chance he did it for legal purposes. With the speeding ticket written, there has to be a paper trail including the officers names. This can come in useful in case he ever has to raise an issue about racism in the police force or something. It may actually be a case of an automatic reaction by a lawyer. Remember, Remy is (IIRC correctly) a lawyer. ...


This is a case of two extremes. Remy Danton gets pulled over for speeding but doesn't have his license or registration on him. He asks the cop for a break but becomes a victim of racial profiling and is slammed on the hood of the car. After he tells the officers to "google" him to verify his identity, we see the opposite extreme and he is given special ...

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