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Basically, they were both fans of Shaun of the Dead and knew the director. From an interview on with Edgar Wright: Interviewer: How did you get Cate Blanchett to do that one little cameo? Wright: I'd met her in LA and knew that she was a fan of Shaun of the Dead, so that was kind of a start. The first thing we wrote in Hot Fuzz is the ...


It is meant as a satire of other action films where people simply seem to have access to special force style weapon caches. The joke ("Found 'em") makes you think about where on earth all of these guns and a sea mine could possibly have come from and how the old man could have obtained them.


There is a featurette to The World's End that explains the Cornetto trilogy. Hot Fuzz features the blue Cornetto (to signify the police element):     Watch the featurette for more info


The direct answer to the question is, "No". There is no story link between the three movies. There are just a few general "references" to the movies, as you pointed out in your question, along with a running gag involving garden fences. The only other point not covered is the overall theme of the movies, which director Edgar Wright said was "the ...

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