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Just to present it as a proper answer: You're looking for a 1984 episode of "Tales from the Darkside" called Inside the Closet, though you remembered a couple of details a bit wrong: What is scurrying around inside the closet of the upstairs room that grad student Gail Aynsley rents from veterinary school dean Dr. Fenner? Gail doesn't know, but she is ...


The Devil's Nightmare ends with a bus crashing. I'm not sure about the other scenes you mentioned because I don't remember the movie well. Check out the 1 hour 28 min mark for the crash. ...


Found it. Space (1999). The creature was dragon.


Possibly Shirome (2010) Director Kôji Shiraishi wants to film an episode for a Japanese television program, featuring members of the "Idol"-genre singing and dancing ensemble, Momoiro Clover. The program is one wherein minor celebrity guests are employed to investigate haunted houses and similarly mysterious locales. The members of Moroiro ...


I think you are describing Invader, (1996), aka "Lifeform". When the Viking space capsule suddenly returns to Earth from its long ago trip to Mars, it brings with it an intelligent visitor that is part "Alien" and part "ET". Encased in armor, it extends a humanlike form from its shell to examine its surroundings and shows an interest in humans ...


The movie you are looking for is called Turkey Shoot its a great movie from the 80s 1982 to be exact. It was also released under the title Escape 2000. It Stars: Steve Railsback, Olivia Hussey, Michael Craig | Hope this helps.


Vacancy - 2007 American Horror Film


Sounds like it is a movie called Vacancy (2007) starring Luke Wilson.

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