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Most probably you're after The Shining miniseries: Now, nursing a life of sobriety and pulling in work as a writer, Jack and his family take on the job of looking after the Overlook Hotel, a large colonial building in a picturesque valley in the Colorado Rockies. It gradually becomes apparent that the hotel's ghosts are more than figurative ...


This one stars Michael York, but I'll give it a try. Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 (2001) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megiddo:_The_Omega_Code_2 From Wikipedia: Stone and his officers are swallowed in a huge fireball as tank shells rain in. David barely manages to break free and jump away before the headquarters explodes behind him. But he is stunned as Stone ...


It all sounds like Boogeyman. It's dark horror, from 2005, contains some weird and jittery camerawork and the titular monster lurks in shadows and moves around through portals under beds and in closets; the final scenes feature a young couple going under a bed and coming out of a closet. The film starred Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel and Lucy Lawless and ...


It is Shutter (2004). I haven't watched this movie, as it is not available on internet anywhere. But to an extent it suits to this movie, as I have read its storyline on IMDb: A young photographer Thun and his girlfriend Jane discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after fleeing the scene of an accident. As they investigate the phenomenon, they ...


The movie is called "Cult" and here is the link to it (Good movie):


Just to share one related example: Linda Blair in the Exorcist did not understand what she was doing when she was told to act out the masturbation scene. It was only years later that she figured it out. So it's quite possible that child actors are often not quite aware of the exact nature of the scene they're acting out. Source: Linda Blair herself.


This is not a real movie. You've watched a parody trailer of The Shining that replaces Jack Torrance with a programmer and in which his son chants "Ten Dot Ten Dot" and writes it in blood, which is then reflected as .NET in the mirror. Here it is: ...


I think film that you are looking for is Ghost in the Machine. Karen Allen was the main actress in that; it was the same year she played the mom in the always classic The Sandlot.


Sounds like Boo from 2005. The floating clown, the dead dog, the hole in the wall, it's all there. The friends Emmett, Freddy, Marie, Kevin and his reluctant girlfriend Jessie decide to spend the Halloween night in an abandoned hospital. Meanwhile, the younger Allan meets the old friend of his father Arlo Ray Baines and asks him to help to find his ...

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