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Absolutely. There's very little writing on the subject, which in itself could be considered evidence that it wasn't so outrageous, but we do have a lot of photographs of frontierswomen wearing trousers, most of which I can find are from the book Women in Pants: Manly Maidens, Cowgirls, and Other Renegades: Calamity Jane Professional scout and known for ...


Basically, it wouldn't. The original Turing Machine (Or Christopher as it was named) was never programmed to identify words: it was programmed to identify consistencies. The enigma code wasn't deciphered through letters, it was deciphered through a tape displacement procedure known as its 'primitive operation' that's chosen signifiers are still honored ...


As with many countries/states, the working definition of a knife that can be construed as a weapon is generally set at 4 inches: First, subdivision (b) makes it illegal to carry a knife with a blade length of four inches or more... There are exceptions both ways to this: something with a smaller blade can still be considered illegal if the intended ...


It's certainly not an anachronism, although they weren't in very wide use. Their creation can be placed sometime in the late 1950s, although the first dry erasable marker wasn't invented until 1975. So they were certainly around in 1981.


I agree with Mistah Mix that it's probably not based on one person. I saw a documentary called Cocaine-Cowboys a few years ago. It seems like he was a composite of some of those people. I haven't seen Miami Vice in a very long time so I can't say for sure, but if you read about Jon Roberts, Mickey Munday and Pablo Escobar you might see some similarities. ...


There are no historical records of a single “godfather” of the South Florida drug scene; nor are there any historical records of such a person disappearing in the manner that Tony Acaro did in the show. The character seems to have been a composite of many different drug kingpins and assorted wrongdoers as were most of the antagonists on the series.


He knew he was going to die and didn't know how to tell her goodbye, it even says in the movie "what should I tell her?" "nothing that need be said" and Spartans aren't supposed to show weakness so that was their way of telling each other they loved each other and in the end maybe she just wanted to pass something on to their son from his father.

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