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Basically, it wouldn't. The original Turing Machine (Or Christopher as it was named) was never programmed to identify words: it was programmed to identify consistencies. The enigma code wasn't deciphered through letters, it was deciphered through a tape displacement procedure known as its 'primitive operation' that's chosen signifiers are still honored ...


The glasses are generally referred to as "Half-rim glasses", "Brow-line glasses" (or more colloquially "Eyebrow glasses"). They were indeed appropriate to the period. You can see Ronnie Kray wearing them in the photo below from the early 1960s.


Okay, I did some generic research, but I can't guarantee my conclusion is correct. First of all in Paris there were around 2.3 million people in 1975. Slightly less in 1964-1967, but I can't find specific numbers. During the same period (1960) there were 2% Muslims (in a very broad definition of Muslim) in France. The non Muslim black community would have ...


It's certainly not an anachronism, although they weren't in very wide use. Their creation can be placed sometime in the late 1950s, although the first dry erasable marker wasn't invented until 1975. So they were certainly around in 1981.


The glasses Tom Hardy wears in the film are French Amor Browline Glasses. I have a pair of these myself and they are exactly the same as the ones in the film 'Legend'.


I agree with Mistah Mix that it's probably not based on one person. I saw a documentary called Cocaine-Cowboys a few years ago. It seems like he was a composite of some of those people. I haven't seen Miami Vice in a very long time so I can't say for sure, but if you read about Jon Roberts, Mickey Munday and Pablo Escobar you might see some similarities. ...


There are no historical records of a single “godfather” of the South Florida drug scene; nor are there any historical records of such a person disappearing in the manner that Tony Acaro did in the show. The character seems to have been a composite of many different drug kingpins and assorted wrongdoers as were most of the antagonists on the series.

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