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Basically, it wouldn't. The original Turing Machine (Or Christopher as it was named) was never programmed to identify words: it was programmed to identify consistencies. The enigma code wasn't deciphered through letters, it was deciphered through a tape displacement procedure known as its 'primitive operation' that's chosen signifiers are still honored ...


I agree with Mistah Mix that it's probably not based on one person. I saw a documentary called Cocaine-Cowboys a few years ago. It seems like he was a composite of some of those people. I haven't seen Miami Vice in a very long time so I can't say for sure, but if you read about Jon Roberts, Mickey Munday and Pablo Escobar you might see some similarities. ...


There are no historical records of a single “godfather” of the South Florida drug scene; nor are there any historical records of such a person disappearing in the manner that Tony Acaro did in the show. The character seems to have been a composite of many different drug kingpins and assorted wrongdoers as were most of the antagonists on the series.

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