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The wand definitely belongs to Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling says so in a FAQ entry on her old homepage: Voldemort is also using the Elder Wand - the wand that is really Harry’s. It does not work properly against its true owner; no curse Voldemort casts on Harry functions properly; neither the Cruciatus curse nor the Killing Curse.


Nearly Headless Nick was essential. Justin Finch-Fletchey saw the Basilisk through Nick. Otherwise he would've died.


The Elder Wand It is incorrect to assume that it is the Wand which must be taken, rather the previous owner must be defeated. It responds to power. It is evident that Harry does not even get his hands on the Elder Wand until the Battle of Hogwarts - after he defeats Voldemort. Harry snatches Malfoy's wand (as well as other wands) from his hands, at the ...

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