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The TV show depicts the events before the movie trilogy, in particular before Red Dragon (or Michael Mann's 1986 take on it, Manhunter, for that matter), showing Will Graham's work as FBI profiler under assistance (and care, given that the TV show depicts a significantly more deranged version of Will Graham) of Dr. Hannibal Lecter and thus the events before ...


Dr lecter gave him some "poppers" which were a mix of hallucigenic drugs and persuaded him to cut his face off and feed the flesh to his dogs , then appealing to masons auto erotic asphixiaton tendencies he put him in a hangmans noose which broke his neck parylysing him .


Actually, Mason Verger did it to himself in a drug induced state (I believe) ... which Lector helped him with. Revenge for this was Mason's whole purpose for the elaborate plan to get Lector in the "pig pen" in the first place. He wanted Lector to suffer at the tusks of the pigs. Here is an excerpt from IMDB: As a result of the publicity surrounding the ...

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