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When James Bond points his gun at Valentin Zukovsky it is clear that his gun is a Walter PPK. Notice there are no grooves on the side of the gun towards the back When Valentin's henchman points his gun at James, grooves can be seen on the side of the gun towards the back of the gun. This to me shows that the henchman is using a different gun and not a ...


The henchman's gun is a copy of the PPK that was produced in Soviet Russian known as the Makarov. It is also a larger caliber, a 9x18mm. I do believe that design is still being used by the Russian military to this day, as well as being a rather popular civilian gun. Thousands of them have been imported to the US.


Detonating over Severnaya ensures that only they have control of the 2nd satellite. If it had been left intact, the military would be able to use it to change codes and lock them out at will, possibly even without the launch keys. After the initial heist, there's no way Russia could rebuild the facility from the EMP blast in time to prevent a second ...

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