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I'm guessing the (rather flimsy) in-movie excuse is that it's supposed to illustrate they're back in business, which is emphasized in the (deleted) full version of their in-movie TV commercial: STANTZ: That's right -- Ghostbusters. We're back and we're better than ever with twice the know-how and twice the particle-power to deal with all your ...


From the Ghostbusters Wiki: The origin of the Mood Slime is tied to a juvenile Sloar, held in Shandor's Island, beneath the Hudson River. Before his death, Ivo Shandor and his Cult of Gozer had somehow lured the young Sloar from its home hell dimension and imprisoned it in our world within a Ghostworld pocket at the heart of Shandor's island ...


I never thought of this as a peace sign; I always just thought of it as two fingers for the number two, as in "Ghostbusters II". This makes more sense in the context of the original poster.


Most of the ghosts in the Ghostbuster series seem content to ignore humans unless in significant curcumstances. For instance, the Library Ghost is not causing any harm. She's just scary to people because she's a ghost. She's not aggressive until the Ghostbusters show up, and only then, just long enough to escape. When the future Ghostbusters were about ...


In Ghostbusters 2, Slimer drove Louis Tully (Rick Moranis) to the Art Gallery in a bus so he could help fight Viggo the Carpathian. That's a pretty nice thing to do.

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