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Lea (1996) Lea - a modern fairy tale for adults - tells the story of an unusual and, in the end, tragic relationship between a traumatised girl from Slovakia and a former Foreign Legionnaire from Germany. Here's the story in detail: At the age of seven, Lea has already become accustomed to verbal and physical abuse from her father. But one ...


Might be the German film Der Philosoph (AKA '3 Women In Love') from 1989. According to online info, it's about a shy 30 year old philosopher working on his thesis that meets 3 women who run a boutique and are possibly imaginary or muses. He falls for all three and moves in with them. See if this clip from the movie (that seems to feature a polished wooden ...


Final Contract: Death on Delivery (2006) From this page, the synopsis: David is broken up over the fact that his girlfriend is moving away. He eventually meets up with a sexy woman who embroils him in an adventure that may cost him his life. From this review, here are the details: David is in Berlin, Germany working at his Uncle’s business. ...


Could be Stalingrad (1993): In August 1942, a group of German soldiers enjoy leave in Porto Cervo, Italy after fighting in North Africa. An awards ceremony is held for several soldiers in the unit, where one platoon's new commander, Leutnant (Lieutenant) Hans von Witzland is introduced. ...     Watch the trailer

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