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Did she not find ANYONE else in the entire King's Landing to satisfy her desires? Jaime and Cersei have been having a physical relationship long before either of them went to King's Landing, as is revealed in Jaime's third chapter of A Storm of Swords: He could never bear to be long apart from his twin. Even as children, they would creep into each ...


IT IS POSSIBLE. Given: On average, an episode of GoT costs $6m to produce. Given: Each episode lasts 1 hour. Given: The largest crew size per episode is 583. Hypothesis: Production of the series can scale linearly. Analysis: The show costs $6m per hour to produce. Therefore, an entire year of content would cost $24*365*6m to produce. Equivalently, ...


It is impossible to make a 24/365 GoT, each hour of show takes several hours of production. The fourth season shooting lasted 136 days for 10 episodes. http://winteriscoming.net/2013/11/21/thats-a-wrap-season-4-filming-is-complete/


There is no way this could be physically possible. First of all, the sets are too detailed. You could only pull this off if the sets were pre-built and stood in place constantly, the show/movie had extremely simple sets or the sets were all pre-existing. Then, the entire show/movie would need to be linear. You couldn't move characters/actors that ...

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