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Did Bran and Jojen do the same with a passage? Yes, the same passage, and Samwell and Gilly actually meet Brann, Jojen, Meera and Hodor in the The Nightfort after the former have just come through the sally port, in S03E10- Mhysa: They're never really in the same shot together, but that's Sam's shoulder on the left of the frame. And the reverse ...


After watching that episode and reading the books i too have asked myself a couple of times what exactly Podrick did to those three whore and the thing is i've come to believe that maybe he really didn't do anything. What if it was just the other way around.


You might not have watched it yet, but in the season finale Podrick went to the courtyard to tell Tyrion there was a family meeting going on, and a couple of girls giggled and said, "Ooh, that’s him!", indicating that his reputation is spreading by word of mouth. I think the in-universe answer is supposed to be yes, Podrick really is a good lover.


There's probably no deeper meaning to it Podrick is pretty much seen as the comedic sidekick. In both the books and the TV show he is the unfortunate recipient of plenty of witty quips (mostly by Tyrion), even the fandom have picked him up as a funny meme of sort ("I blame Pod" is very widespread among fans). Also, the incident with the whores never ...


The necklace of Sansa has purple beads and that is what creates a big turn of events in the story. Maybe that is why it is known as the purple wedding.


The Rhoynar are the men who used to traditionally live along the banks of the river Rhoyne. However, 700 years before the Aegon's conquest around 250,000 of the Rhoynar died in the expansion of the Valyrian freehold. In such circumstancs, a warrior-queen named Nymeria fled with the remaining Rhoynar to the Dorne in southern Westoros. Nymeria then married a ...


Given that no other answer was given, here is my guess: to avert any suspicion. Had Joffrey died soon after the marriage was consummated, Margaery would be very high on the list of the suspects, and not very likely to get her hands on Tommen. Formally, the king rules, so getting Tommen is more important than becoming a queen quickly. It is worth noting ...


Also remember that nobody in the Eyrie is supposed to know that they are actually hosting Sansa excepting Littlefinger of course and the two/three people part of the small council which interrogated Sansa following her aunt "suicide", one another was the aunt's son who was already sent away: Sansa revealed her real identity only to these people, for all the ...


Notice that house Reyne sigil is also a Lion (Red on Silver). That's the reason why Lord Reyne said "In a coat of gold or a coat of red, a lion still has claws, And mine are long and sharp". By the record, the Reyne Sigil is similar to Simon de Monfort, a rebel lord that raised against Edward I "Longshanks", the king of England. Edward finally crushed House ...

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