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The general principle is that a "guest star" is someone who has been invited to undertake a role in the film or TV show. They aren't a star because of their major role in the production, they're a guest who happens to be a star. Where they also have a large role, they might be credited as "Guest Starring". Since it's highly unlikely Hugh Laurie (or ...


Hugh Laurie has been well known in the UK since the 1980s, appearing in such popular TV shows as: The Young Ones A Bit of Fry and Laurie Blackadder (series 2 - 4) Jeeves and Wooster And parts in the films: Peter's friends 101 Dalmations Spice World Before 1998 when these episodes were made. As these episodes were set in the UK a well known (and ...


I think he is just trying to get the point across that he is very drunk and isn't exactly sure how many margaritas he has had and now would be a good time to have a game of strip poker. Strip poker is usually the kinda game you would play when you are drunk.


I'm pretty sure that this is in reference to the fact it looks like the stereotypical "flying saucer" type alien spaceship. He pretends that he was taken aboard an alien spaceship that looked similar to the hat she was wearing, and was experimented on by the aliens to the extent that he is now possibly infertile. He clearly holds distaste for the hat, ...

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