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Indeed, in Episode 13- The One with the Boobies, Joey discovers his father (Joey Tribbiani Senior, played by Robert Costanzo) has a mistress and intervenes, forcing him to tell his wife, later in the episode, Joey's mother (Gloria Tribiani, played by Brenda Vaccaro) shows up furious at Joey, as she already knew about the mistress and because of it he would ...


The reason the apartment looks different is it's the build up to the gang's New Years Eve party and decorations are up (possibly from Christmas?). Apart from the obvious monkey... Red and silver tinsel around the apartment door (just off screen on the left) Silver star hanging from the ceiling behind the apartment door (just off screen on the left) Gold ...


If you mean the bit where Phoebe has those pink fuzzy scrunchies, it's a scene from the season 8 episode The One with the Birthing Video where Phoebe says: I know you’ve been really depressed lately, so I brought someone over to cheer you up. Right outside this door is a real, live, furry playmate. Joey's depressed because of his crush on Rachel, so ...


I think it's "The one with the Blackout" (season 1 episode 7), the woman that put her fingers on his hair (not his face) is Rachel, and Joey says that Ross is in the friend zone. How to know you're in the Friendzone

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