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While it's hard to say if they are legally up for any and all uses, your specific use for educational or commentary purposes should fall under Fair Use exceptions in US Copyright Law. Commercial entertainment like Movies and TVs are covered under this Fair Use if you stick to the general guidelines. A non-commercial analysis for an educational thesis should ...


I believe you're talking about Amanda Buffamonteezi. ( She was the roommate of Phoebe and Monica before Chandler moved into the building. She appeared in the third episode of the 10th season: The One With Ross' Tan.


Is it The One With the Fake Monica? That episode does not have anything related to George Bush, in fact she does not meet any of the guys. But, it involves a woman being a chronic liar, and was living the life of Monica. When the fake Monica is arrested, Monica tells her everything, including who she really is, and confides in her how she doesn't ...


Pretty sure it's number 2. While not very scientifically sound (sea turtles can't hear very well, if at all), the sounds a tortoise makes while mating are quite loud and a bit human-like [Warning: Turtle Love]:


I think he is pretending to be a parent telling kids to go to their room and play nintendo coz they are not mature enough to go to a play.

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