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It's my understanding that Morbius, the scientist in Forbidden Planet who is alone save for his daughter, is a reflection of Prospero, the anti-hero of Shakespeare's play who is likewise living alone on an island with his daughter. Both Morbius and Prospero seek to control the elements, and thus the world around them, through 'magic' - in Morbius' case, an ...


I know that The Wizard of Oz predates Forbidden Planet by 17 years - and Metropolis predates it by 30 years. Ultimately though, I think the first use of rear projected matte paintings was by Georges Melies in his films from 1902 - 1904. You can read more about his techniques here. EDIT I had to watch Forbidden Planet again, and the mattes you reference ...


There is an excellent paper written on the topic. This document can be located at the following reference: "Comparison of Shakespeare's Tempest and Forbidden Planet." 123HelpMe.com. 21 Feb 2012 <http://www.123HelpMe.com/view.asp?id=17255>.

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