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From the Memory Alpha article for the episode The Trouble with Tribbles: Sound effects editor Douglas Grindstaff combined altered dove coos, screech owl cries and emptying balloons to create the tribble sounds.


Foley Artists are responsible for a lot of different types of sounds; mostly natural sounds like footsteps and the sound that certain clothes make while moving in them, but pretty much anything that you can fit into a foley studio. In addition to Foley Artists there are also Sound FX Designers whose job is to create the sounds that can't be naturally or ...


Largely because, while those sounds may be picked up by microphones during the recording of the scene, the sound mixers and boom operators will likely focus the mics on the people speaking, not on their footsteps, etc. So not all the surrounding noise that's captured during the shoot of the actual scene will come through for the audience in the way it would ...


Because it is quite difficult to record production quality natural sounds ("nats") at the same time as shooting the video/film. It is typically so fiddly and time-consuming that it is simply not economical to try to set up the scene so that you can both shoot production-quality images and to record production-quality sound concurrently. It is simply too ...

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