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I haven't seen the movie, but I am a pilot. If the severe turbulence is caused by a lightning cell, no aircraft can withstand its severe alternating updrafts and downdrafts which typically break off wings, rudder, tail, and probably bust up the fuselage. Any maneuver which can be done to exit it soon is sensible—especially considering the ...


The easiest way to see that the movie takes place closer to present time is that Denzel's character is using an iPhone (released 2007) and an iPad (released 2010) also when they are referencing the toxicology report, the lawyer states that the tox machine was calibrated in 2009 and then states that it is 18 months overdue thus making the year 2010/2011.


Just saw the movie. Shortly after takeoff from Orlando, the aircraft faces two lines of heavy rainstorms and is inside the first. Whip doesn't do anything particularly unusual except for not climbing for a few seconds when most pilots would be trying to get over the disturbance as soon as possible. He spots a small weak slot in the storm on the plane's ...

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