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It's not a horror movie, but there's certainly a precedent in Luis Buñuel's "An andalusian Dog" (Un chien andalou, 1929). One of the surrealist film's space-time jokes (tricks? traits?) is that the characters continuosly go in and out of the same room, often getting to or coming from different places through the same door. ...


In the film el secreto de sus ojos there is a scene that starts with an air view of the stadium and continues with actions of the actors in thier seats in the stadium. Scene


While re-imaginings of stories have been told over and over in film and other media since long before film began, the first instance of the use of the term "reboot" was 'The Incredible Hulk' in 2008, which came out only five years after the previous movie 'Hulk'. The studio felt that they needed a word to help describe what they were doing with the movie ...


An early and highly influential example must be the Droogs' walk in slow-motion side by side toward the camera (set to Alex's voiceover and a Rossini piece) in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971). Ironically, our 'heroes' are a gang of sociopaths and a vicious slow-motion fight breaks out midscene, which is juxtaposed with the classical music. This will ...

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