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Hollywood pays actual Animal Trainers to bring the animals on set. They are given specific cues to act a certain way. You can watch a lot of behind the scenes with the animals on youtube for a better explanation. They even have websites for Producers to look at and see the animals and training.


Perhaps it also allows the same set to be used multiple times whilst giving the impression of it being a different location. I could imagine the Star Wars scene you mention lending itself to this quite well - grey corridors with occasional lights. When shot from approximately the same angle but with one scene reversed in post production it may give the ...


It's TvTropes to the rescue again, where they decided to call the technique Mundane Made Awesome and present a few billion examples from movies, TV, advertising and other media. Edgar Wright's films get a mention, of course, as they are particularly rife with the specific example you've mentioned: parodies of tooling-up montages (Tropes calls it Lock and ...


They likely had Sofia Boutella wear special socks/coverings and added the assasin prosthetics later. Effects like this have been achievable for quite some time now, as shown by the special effects shots of Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan in the film Forest Gump. Sinise wore blue socks during filming, and his legs bellow the knee were digitally removed in post ...

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