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For medium shots and long shots, the viewer won't be able to see an actor's contact lenses. But for extreme close-ups, contact lenses could be visible on a big screen (especially IMAX!). However, there is no reason an actor needs to wear contacts for closeups and extreme closeups. During those shots, they can ACT as though they're seeing what they are ...


This question merits a shout-out to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which used a similar technique way back in 1986. This wasn't showing a text message from a phone, but was certainly "capturing the viewer’s screen as part of the narrative itself":


You have to keep in mind that while movies often have the motivation to depict reality and a realistic story in a realistic way, they still are in many respects subject to a certain degree of explicitness upto hyperbole, as is the acting of the cast. So in this viewpoint, the actor actually saying "Hello?" even though hearing the obvious "death-tone" is a ...


The marking idea is right. The propmaker who makes the cake will make a clocklike diagram to be put under the cake and will mark the "hour" the token is at so the one who places the prop (mostly the same person) will place it so the hero gets the right piece while being correctly framed. Right before they start filming and after instructing the actor they ...

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