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That can be done through Chroma technique as usual and cloning technique without chroma . Check this out , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp8j0BXq250&HD=1


Cameron Christopher has a nice short article on the technique at Vimeo; J-Cuts & L-Cuts. In short one have J-Cut and L-Cut J-Cut aka audio advance, audio starts before video. L-Cut aka video advance, video starts before audio. It can advance the story in itself by moving the viewer ahead. It also can give a smoother transition, or many other ...


It depends how much "artistic license" you give the the camera operator. For example, if you storyboard the shots, or even do computerized previsualization, there will be very little interpretation on the part of the camera operators and so the audience won't be able to tell the difference. But if you let the camera operators decide how to shoot the scenes, ...


Most likely, the scene is a mix of real shots and special effects, but all of the cool parts are special effects. For reference, here is an image of the scene in question (I was unable to upload it to SE due to the file size being too large). Heating of the sword The glowing effect is CGI. I say this because the sword has a consistent yellow and orange ...

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