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First of all: in real land lines you don't get the dial (continuous) tone after the call has been disconnected. Especially, if it was you who initiated the call the connection is usually maintained. Catija's comment is spot on - it's the tone that is the mistake, not the actor's shouts.


Since the question is tagged with "realism", I'd like to state few examples which might be convincing for you. And I don't think movies exaggerate on yelling-hello-even-after-line-gets-disconnected situations when compared to reality. Out of frustration Let's say I'm out with friends on a Sunday and my manager calls and says, Something has come up, you ...


That's a method used to add camera shake (as @Catija suggested). The anti-shake features present on the cameras would otherwise make the effect have to be done in post-production, which is far more expensive.


I think a good example is where there is an unexpected twist (or twists) at the end, particularly if they depended on several elements earlier in the movie which were in plain sight so to speak but not obvious in terms of story development. For example, who could watch The Sixth Sense without going back and watching it again just to see how you could have ...


They have a high tech cameras for underwater filming plus it really takes a lot preparation and takes just to capture the right scenes. It looks wonderful on screen but lot of works.


They did. They managed to reduce the makeup time, from eight hours to three. They did this by only doing makeup on her face/head, but I guess three hours is still too much (would be for me, at least)

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