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Rear projection techniques came after filming in "the real world", as the filming of rear projection requires that the camera and projector be synchronised to avoid shutter flash. This technology did not exist in the silent era, so any motor vehicle filming would have been done live. Its probably worth noting, though, that the filming was usually done with ...


I think, it is more difficult to put a camera in a automobile or on a truck then on a vehicle on rails. I found some examples of early shots, but I'm not sure if they fit your criteria of inside a car. The shots I found are from a car, not inside. I found some very early snipplet with a scene from a rail bases car: Algier 1896: ...


Here are a few: Heavy Metal (1981) - there is a scene that's obviously the future, though the year is unspecified Back to the Future Part II (1989) - seen on a television screen in 2015 Freejack (1992) - towers are seen several times Source: WTC in Movies

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