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"Basin City" is set in an unspecified, fictional city in the American west according to various sources. Though he has never said it's based on a particular city, given Frank Miller's love of noir (Hollywood influence) and the genesis of the comic during the "gritty" 1990s while he was living in Los Angeles, it's likely that Los Angeles was the model. Los ...


The movie's Wikipedia article gives a list of all the filming locations: Filming: the castle – Hohenwerfen Castle, Werfen, Austria; filmed in January 1968, cable car – Feuerkogel Seilbahn at Ebensee (Austria); filmed in January 1968, airport scenes – Flugplatz Aigen im Ennstal (Austria); filmed in early 1968. The exact place of filming is the ...


OK, decided to look into the BlueRay extras and found it. According to Blue Ray Extra #14: "The Beginning of the End", the house was not actually in Scotland. It was designed and filmed in Hankley Common, in Surrey, England. Screenshots from ~3:15 min into the Extra:


I think it's actually Asilah, Morocco. It says it was filmed there but depicts Greece. You can see photos from the link below. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=376513599150057&set=a.376512982483452.1073741828.145172285617524&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.376512982483452.1073741828.145172285617524&type=3


Here are a few: Heavy Metal (1981) - there is a scene that's obviously the future, though the year is unspecified Back to the Future Part II (1989) - seen on a television screen in 2015 Freejack (1992) - towers are seen several times Source: WTC in Movies


It doesn't appear that they were filmed at the same place. Astronaut Farmer was filmed in New Mexico, at the Bonanza Creek Ranch: . Other films shot here include: Cowboys and Aliens Appaloosa 3:10 to Yuma Transformers on the other hand doesn't credit the Ranch. Whilst I can't find the exact location it's barn was filmed in, it doesn't appear to have ...


I think, it is more difficult to put a camera in a automobile or on a truck then on a vehicle on rails. I found some examples of early shots, but I'm not sure if they fit your criteria of inside a car. The shots I found are from a car, not inside. I found some very early snipplet with a scene from a rail bases car: Algier 1896: ...


Summary: Yes, there are data banks film makers can refer to. Often the music on these sites is composed by relatively unknown composers. It seems extremely likely these sites also contain location music. This type of music is called production music Detailed: I'm only going to answer part of your question, as the truth is I can't categorically comment ...

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