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It's the Joya restaurant in Palo Alto, California. It's 20 minutes from Silicon Valley center. Both are part of San Fransisco Bay, but Palo Alto is considered the downtown business and store front area for Silicon Valley, which is mainly industrial parks and corporate headquarters. You can see the University & Florence Street Signs in the front of ...


Accoring to this article from the BBC; Our best estimate after calculating plane speed, car speed and simultaneous action sequences is that the runway is 18.37 miles (29.6km) long. Which is still very long when you consider the longest paved runway in the world is the Qamdo Bamda airport in China, at around 3.5 miles (5.6km). The full article goes into ...


I've just found this on YouTube, a time lapse video of making the set of the "Glasshouse". So it was apparently built entirely from scratch for the film. It's obviously a Mies tribute - it appears to be one segment longer than the Farnsworth House:

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