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Probably the best start to identifying a movie from a screenshot, is opening Google Image Search and dragging the screenshot into the search box.


Jinni is the way to go, and is the future! (See movie genome info.) Wikipedia was mentioned, but what was not mentioned is that they have a few stellar consolidation pages to do searches from. This list of lists page is invaluable, as just one example. IMDB was mentioned, but what was not mentioned is the unbelievably great Keyword search function. ...


Google Search I think people should be trained/ advised to use Google search. But seriously, just type "movie/TV Show similar to XYZ" in Google Search. It will give you many link resources. Then see what you would like in different results. e.g. TV shows similar to Friends


There are a number of websites that provide access to movie and TV scripts. I'm unsure of the legality of any of them. But here are a few of the popular ones: IMSDb: The Internet Movie Script Database Script-O-Rama SimplyScripts eBay: Movie script buying guide


IMDb Advanced usage In addition to the Keywords mentioned in the main index answer, there are several more advanced ways to locate similar films and TV shows on IMDb which are hidden away in menus: User Lists On IMDb, users can create lists of titles which appear on IMDb, then apply tags to their list to help you find them. Advanced Search The new ...


Another good option is TinEye, which is a reverse image search service, and it's quite useful for finding an image online in different sites.


I know I'm late, but in addition to and, is really useful and along a similar vein. But as a bonus, it also allows the user to get similar for Books, Music, and Video Games.


Easiest way: If you are using Google Chrome you can right click on an image and select "Search Google for this image" and voila! The picture you have posted is from Jacob's Ladder (1990 Film).


There's also... Springfield! Springfield! Movie and TV show scripts Movie Transcript Database for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Movie Transcript Database is also available for Android


Download the extension for chrome, and whenever you right-click any image you get an extra option labelled "Search for similar images".

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