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In my opinion this scene was part drama and part parody of overly dramatic evil character death scenes in movies. The scene implies that everything that Rat does was motivated by his love of cider, so we can safely assume that he was being paid in cider for guarding the cellar. It's not that the cider was something he couldn't get a hold of, it was ...


I could agree with the above review about the wolf being a representation of the wild. I guess the explanation is that Mr. Fox is already living in the forest/suburbs and is tightly connected with a civilized small animal world and human world. His talents lie in being good in this environment, yet he also loves his wild side, as he repeats several times ...


According to IMDB, the film's full cast and crew included several digital compositors. From the descriptions, most of the CGI was used for Lip Syncing the dialogue with the stop motion.


During the film we see the Mr fox and the way he lives. The main important thing in the Mr fox’s life is the contrast between the domesticated side and the wild side which is controlled by a pure instinct. In the wild side the meaning of life is totaly different from the domesticated side. In fact following the new life even for human being made the Mr fox ...

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