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When Cooper Senior Left on his journey, there were no Space Stations orbiting Saturn, with grass and houses in them. When it's announced as a space station orbiting Saturn, the camera shows a green biosphere with houses curved with inverse gravity. This has the purpose of placing the spectator in wonder. A space station orbiting Saturn would be a fun ...


The message of the movie is that everything that happens is meant to happen, and there is nothing anyone can do to change it: hence the title "Predestination". We all have a predetermined destiny that cannot be altered. Essentially there is nothing John/Jane/barkeep/fizzle bomber can do to prevent his creation or transformation into the fizzle bomber. His ...


That sounds exactly like the ending in the 2012 comedy movie Iron Sky.


I think it's more philosophical than confusing. Check this interesting read:- https://gravito.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/the-philosophy-predestination-is-trying-to-prove-timeline-and-predestination-paradox-lessons-spoiler-alert/


The agent/bartender, Jane/John, Fizzle Bomber, and the person Jane fell in love with is just one person. My brain is bleeding. I'm confused about his gender originally. He's a she... or she's a she, am I right?

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