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I think she is trying to suck all the pain in. Thinking "so for 45 years, you have loved me but with her still at the back of your head?". IMO, the ending scene is just so perfect because they are depicting a happy anniversary party but her emotions are obviously the opposite.


Well, that's pretty much what it was, wasn't it? The people in the back of the train had a miserable existence, they reproduced and some of the children were taken to perform the manual labor. You can't take all the children, because some need to grow to adulthood to reproduce. You can't kill everyone after a certain age, because eventually they'll catch ...


This blog post explains: But Tony turns out alright, with Frank coming in at the nick of time to save his life (literally) finding the dude's thumb in Angeline's things. Angeline is caught and convicted - whew that was close - she almost got away with it! If only things ended where they did, but no, they had to keep beating a horse that had ...


In the film, it appears this is intentionally left a mystery. To quote Emmanuelle Seigner, the actress who played Vanda and the wife of the director: We don’t know. Maybe she is from his mind. Like in Rosemary’s Baby, at the end you can think, maybe she dreamt all that. Or maybe she is a goddess, or an actress that wanted to teach the director a lesson. ...


I think it's when the cop asked her to finish that sentence "there are three..." she intentionally gave the wrong answer. She told Stephan "there are three men upstairs“ before getting cut off so Stephan must have told the police the same thing.


It appears that the film tells the following story: Originally there was only one Universe - the Primary Universe, where all mankind was living. At some point in time an "Incident" had happened "when the fabric of the fourth dimension became corrupted and a Tangent Universe was created. There is no indication in the film when this Incident had happened. It ...

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