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From a purely religious standpoint, I asked my Spiritual Advisor this question: If you were married, and your spouse dies of natural causes, and you remarry and then you die, which spouse do you see in Heaven? And can you still be affectionate towards them both, or will that make your other wife jealous? Like, would your Heaven be your other wife's ...


I think there are too many assumptions in your question. Doesn't this mean that her husband is forced to spend eternity watching the woman he'd been married to (probably for decades) making out with a man she knew for less than a week, and of whom he'd never heard? Potentially, yes, if we believe this is some form of heaven and afterlife. But this is no ...


From the IMDb FAQ: What happens to Rose at the end of the film? Cameron really left that up to the audience to provide their own interpretations. Some people think that the very final scene is only a dream. Others are of the opinion that Rose died safe in her bed, just like Jack said she would and that the final scene is of their souls ...


This mirrors a real life event. While there is nothing saying they intentionally wanted to imply this, this is well known. American Bomber Pilot Charlie Brown, already flying a shot at plane with injured crew, after a successful bombing run, was trying to return to Allied Territory. German Fighter Pilot Franz Stigler, instead of shooting them down, escorted ...


As per my understanding initially Laura's ghost didnt kill Blaire but wanted her to suffer the guilt when she posted the video and people started abusing Blaire for what she did; however, they kept it an open end with the ghost closing the laptop indicating that the game is over or maybe killing her.


Medellin is the rivaling cartel, which the US sides with in the movie. Alejandro works for them, taking out the competition on behalf of the US.

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