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I say she dint kill her cause she said u well suffer now for what you done


This movie is about the capitalist ethic in America, analogous to capitalism being some sort of delusional, "spaced-out" road trip high. The very feeble and fragile looking machines they ride (the American dream) symbolize the war machine: American aggression and expansion having to turn back and not getting farther than the western shore, namely the Vietnam ...


Don't remember the ending exactly, but it feels like "Mr and Mrs Smith" with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? The had some shooting scene in a warehouse and lots of incoming armed people.


I would say that her biggest gripe against him was that he never got caught and that life didn't seem fair for her because he always got lucky and she didn't. When she beat him home, she enjoyed the moment, and then realized she had won, and that she COULD get him in trouble if she wanted to. That was enough for her. She didn't actually want to destroy her ...


I just saw the movie for the second time. I think the answer is pretty simple. She told her ex husband "Stephen, there are three men, they broke into the house". This had to be relayed to the police when Stephen called. The officer had to know this. When she did not answer that question correctly to the officer, that's when the officer knew something was ...


I think she is trying to suck all the pain in. Thinking "so for 45 years, you have loved me but with her still at the back of your head?". IMO, the ending scene is just so perfect because they are depicting a happy anniversary party but her emotions are obviously the opposite.

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