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A poster on Reddit explains: The only reason they made it out in time (remember the exit was closing quickly) was because that arm kept pushing them, accelerating them with it's propulsion thrusters. In your alternative plan, A) they're heavier by one armor clad robot, thus slower to accelerate with Abby given force and B) their only push would be ...


It ends the film with a message of hope and forgiveness. Throughout the film, Father James is struggling to communicate with the residents of his town who have grown cynical and weary of God, particularly in light of the sexual abuse crimes perpetrated by members of the Catholic church. He also has a hard time connecting with his daughter Fiona, who's ...


Is there any chance that both Catherine and Beth are the killers? They've been in love ever since they studied together and they are both very sick-minded, both of them plan all of the books and murders, let's say "just for fun", until everything gets out of control and Beth ends up getting killed. Or even better, Catherine being one step crazier (since she ...


The answer to your question is: Tarantino himself has remarked: "In this story, cinema changes the world, and I fucking love that idea!" The reality is; There was never an assassination attempt on Hitler in a theater. Though much of the film loosely follows history, the movie itself is not meant to be historical or biographical. Tarantino just ...


To me, the plot of the movie is about different agencies working against each other, if you remember the beginning of the movie a message about how inefficiencies and competing interest in the german intelligence community lead to Muhammad Atta's successful planning of 9/11. To me the movie was about how the intelligence agencies are going back to its "old ...


Listen to the end of the song he is singing while he climbs. He says he is dead during the credits. I am pretty sure they put that in there to dispute any doubt that he died.


It has just two endings. Where they show gabbar dying Where they didn't show gabbar dying. There aren't any other endings.

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