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If you look carefully at all the evidence around the fact that a big, muscular man could look like a tiny, weak, thin man. The reason this happens is because technology is very advance now so the studio can easily use green screens and they can edit whats he looks like with computers.


Many cable channels are using video compression technology to speed up reruns so they can fit in more ads. Here's a story in the WSJ about this practice, citing as examples a showing of the movie The Wizard of Oz, and reruns of Seinfeld and Friends, the latter on TVLand where The Donna Reed Show has aired. So that channel definitely has made use of the ...


Old television shows were shot using motion picture film of that era, and were shot at either 24 or 25 frames per second. Television video today is played at 30 frames per second. The speed problems you see are artifacts of the conversion process. The shows you watched might have been converted to television during the 1950's when kinescopes were largely ...


There is a british film from 1900, Let me dream again, by George Albert Smith (from the so called Brighton school), you can find it in the British Film Institute archive: http://collections-search.bfi.org.uk/web/Details/ChoiceFilmWorks/150057452 The film is included in their collection "1895-1910. Early Cinema" vol. 1 In the short film, a man (G.A. Smith ...

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