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"Is it really cheaper to render an animal than to bring a real one to a movie?" No, but you have absolute and total control over the reaction of the deer if it's rendered. You can probably get a live deer to do what you want (assuming deer are trainable, which I don't know), but that rendered deer... If you want it to dance, it'll dance.


Rendered animation in movies is indeed a software or a piece of computer program only. You must have heard of the software Renderman which catapulted Pixar's success. Now, in software industry, any piece of code/program is developed with the scope of being reusable. That's the whole point of it. So let's say there is a computer program that can render a ...


I was in the live studio audience for the taping of a sitcom maybe 15 years ago when I was living in southern California. There was a scene that couldn't be done live (no special effects; I believe it was just a scene outdoors). It had obviously been taped beforehand. The regular "set" consisted of the interior of a house -- laid out horizontally so each ...


I will try to expand this answer a little more tomorrow.. Most of the fence zombies are latex props, not actually people. I'll try to find some interviews where they talk about this. Here's a segment on how they lop off heads.

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