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I think it might be called Lorenzo's oil? The part you mentioned was probably the very end of the movie


Sounds like The Lover. I have seen it, and I couldn't imagine watching it with my mom. :) Set in 1920s colonial Indochina, a pretty, virginal French teenager (Jane March) meets a handsome Chinese playboy (Tony Leung Ka Fai) from a respectable family. Going against the conventions of their respective societies, the lustful pair begin a torrid affair ...


Could this be "Only Love" (Made-for-TV 1988)? There's mention in the IMDB reviews that they were medical students working together in Africa, that she has a brain tumour and that there's a cello involved. Told in flashback, a successful neurosurgeon (Rob Morrow) is unexpectedly called upon to treat his former fiancee, Silvia, who is dying from a brain ...

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