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It is a Lebanon Cedar. From the wikipedia page about Highclere Castle - the location for the fictional Downton Abbey. The famous 18th century seed collector Bishop Stephen Pococke was a friend and brought Lebanon Cedar seeds from a trip to Lebanon


It's not likely that the apron corresponds directly to rank. In a Masterpiece photo gallery thing, The World of Downton Abbey author Jessica Fellowes notes: The maids had to make their own uniforms of two dresses: a print dress with a plain apron for cleaning in the morning, changing into a black dress with a more decorative pinny for the afternoons and ...


To agree with the comment that Tacroy has put forward. I can only assume that Bates was honest to the core and admitted these things to the police under interrogation as he did not want to be mis-interpreted or omit anything that would just get him into more trouble. However, it could be that one of the other servants, namely O'Brien who never liked Bates ...


Period pieces depend quite a bit on the innate knowledge of the audience to place the time accurately for understanding of the story. Usually the director or writer assist by leaving breadcrumbs within the story to acclimate the audience. A show that does this extremely well is Mad Men which usually chronicles a national or well-known local event within the ...


The full episodes are gone from the Masterpiece website so I can't check the exact wording, but it was something like "I told you to set the expensive prizes up higher."


It also indicates how long they've been in service, because they would have made their aprons when they started working, and followed the fashions of that time. Look at Anna, who's head housemaid. Her apron is older, and therefore more old-fashioned (it looks like something from the very turn of the century rather than 1912), because she's been working there ...


It was never revealed in either the show itself or by the show runners. This, of course, hasn't stopped people from speculating. This was back in the 1920's, the operation seemed small enough that anesthesia was not needed, and it required a period of abstinence. According to this blog this narrows it down a bit to removing the hymen and removing tubal ...

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