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Hi I think you're talking about Planet Earth on BBC America. The first episode is about Antarctica, and it's beautiful. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_Earth_(TV_series)]


You can find this on youtube. It is from the Discovery series "Frozen Planet". The specific condition is called a "brinicle". This clip is the relevant 2 minutes of the original program.


Well Planet Earth (IMO the greatest documentary of all time) was narrated by Attenborough and was only in 2006 not 1990. Also David is still involved in some fantastic documentaries. Africa was only released in 2013 and is fantastic. But in answer to your question I don't think there will ever be anyone as good as him. One cannot match his passion.


Most David Attenborough documentaries now feature a small 'How it's made' style film at the end of them, intended to address curious minds such as yours and demonstrate the complexity required of the shoots. Obviously your question of how 'real' the documentaries are can be answered with entirely real.. but for a case-by-case breakdown of the individual ...

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