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Very intriguing question. I haven't seen the film--only discovered its existence a few days ago--so while I won't understand all the context I may be a little more impartial. I have a few comments and have also done a little research. Firstly, regarding the "C" of young Billy Mitchell's top. It just seems to me that the left half is folded underneath a ...


IMDB has this one, which I have not seen, but sounds very close:Riot On!Here's the synopsis straight from IMDB:Sex, lies and mobile gamesThe year is 2000 and investors are going crazy about a new mobile phone company called Riot Entertainment. Many high profile companies, like Nokia, invest millions on this unknown firm. Two years later, when all the money ...


More proof that a Florida man named Billy Mitchell was very good at videogames in the early 1980's. 1983 Gainesville (FL) Sun newspaper article scan at Google Newspapers 1986 Guniness Book of World Records scan at Google Books Faking these seems beyond the ability of a hoaxer.


This must be James May's Man Lab. The mission statement (from the site): James May sets out to help modern man relearn some of the vital skills that are now in danger of being lost forever I remember seeing episodes of it, not sure if it was on Discovery, probably the BBC.


You were only a slightly modified word away from finding it! The name of the show was Big Cat Diary, not Big Cat Diaries. It's available to watch on Youtube, and if you're in Britain it is occasionally repeated on BBC iPlayer.


To answer your specific question... Has any such documentary been made and/or released to the public? The answer is yes. There are several. To respond to your last statement... If possible, I'd like to find one such documentary narrated in english or with english subtitles. There are several that are narrated in English. This Google search ...


In The Human Weapon [2007], the last episode took place in Korea. A 720-kick was featured in that episode. It's a bit outside of your stated time-frame, though.


There was a 30-minute documentary called Lava Lake Acid Lake by volcanologists Maurice and Katia Krafft. The Kraffts were famous for close-up photography of lava flows, and in fact, died in Japan in 1991 (along with 41 other people) when a lava flow suddenly changed direction. Their documentary appears to have been released on disc in 2006 by Learning Media ...

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