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It is highly unlikely that Adam Sandler could have made a cameo in this episode as, on the day of filming (in Swansea) he was hosting the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (in Los Angeles). I'll happily admit he could, theoretically have jumped the red-eye (12.5 hours, not including transfers) and flown over to play a small role as an uncredited extra in a ...


Per the original show script: CLARA: But you're good at this! I saw you! You won the tournament! THE DOCTOR: I cheated. CLARA: What? THE DOCTOR: I made a special arrow with a homing device. It seems likely that the Doctor made the homing device explode, rather than the wooden target.


This is pure conjecture, but my take was that the Foretold was intentionally targeting the sick and wounded because those were those that it deemed the most likely to die soon anyway, thus allowing the strong and healthy (e.g. those with the greatest life expectancy) to survive. CLARA: We were fighting that? DOCTOR: So was he. As a soldier, the ...


The Doctor got Back to Futureā„¢ the long way around, by hibernating in the suspended animation chamber in the space-hearse. Bennett: The suspended animation chamber is still here, and the power cells for the engine. ... [later] Clara: And saying the chamber will open? The Doctor: That was me telling me to get inside and when to set it for. ...

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