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Django is a slave himself as he does not like what he is seeing, he still has to remember what he came to do, not to let his emotions get in the way of the task at hand. (Remember you can't save everyone.) By letting Candy unleash the dogs shows that Django respects Candy and that he wants him to know that he does not fear him and that he needs to be taken ...


This is not entirely implausible as a portrayal of slavery. When white children were raised by slaves, they can grow to love them even as they feel they are inferior... you loved your puppy as a child, no doubt. Stephen raised him as a boy, and was always a mentor figure. Calvin no doubt grew to rely on him for advice and wisdom, and those would be no less ...


I would imagine that it was because they really did not care about skin colour but evil men only in it for the business/money. You can see that the house (expletive) was a front by Stephen and behind closed doors he was calculating and full of menace. He was as much a leader of the gang as the rest

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