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Blackmail simply requires that Gruber gets access to sensitive information which others would want to keep secret. Industrial secrets, plans, financial data, passwords and the like were, no doubt, in the computer system and could be used as leverage against executives in return for payoffs. There needn't be anything illegal discovered -- the legal, ...


Why not? Simon Gruber, Hans' brother, picked his target, the USA (Fort Knox), out of consideration for the rest of the world citing reasons of wanting to "level the playing field". He apparently wants to do good by hurting the bad USA. Hans, which he obviously cared for, had a similar cause. He wanted to punish Nakatomi for "[their] legacy of greed around ...


I have a feeling that the fact that Clay" said he was an American smoker, He blew his cover by not questioning the odd brand of cigarettes. If he was American, why wouldn't he be like "wtf kind of smokes are these?". John must have known once "Clay" puffed on it without question, he must of been a European terrorist.

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