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If I recall correctly, the way he says it suggests that two detonators is plenty for the task at hand, but he is annoyed enough to want to be really, really sure, so he inserts the third detonator as well.


Those two scenes go like this: (Hans jumps down from an inspection and ends up crouched at John's feet. With a gun pointing at his head, he pretends to be an hostage until John calms him down..) John: What the fuck are you doing up here? What were you looking for? Hans: I was ..trying to get up, on the roof and.. see if I could signal for help. ...


Powell was actually on his way home from work when he heard the dispatch (I think he was at a gas station buying a Twinkie, actually), and since he was driving in that area he radioed that he'd check up on it. This actually serves as an introduction to his character and shows that he is a dedicated officer who doesn't just clock out when his shift is over. ...


I'd say that John was simply being cautious. What are the chances of some civilian other than him also escaping for so long, and climbing around instead of hiding? Also, Hans was quite hesitant to give his name when asked.


The easy answer is some police departments give vehicles to all of their officers to drive so that when they are parked at the officer's home, there is a known police presence. It cuts down on crime. About the uniform/gun ... He's still a police officer and required to be in uniform no matter if he will draw a gun or not. He wears a gun because it is a part ...

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