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I think it is his way to handle stressful, interpersonal communication. Think of it as a valve or a failover. Instead of punshing them in the face he tries to cheat his way out of their attention by giving them a fake reason.


I'm not sure if I should post this as a comment, or answer, but it really depends on the movie. In most cases that I've heard of, they just say unscripted things to provide the illusion of a conversation. Example of a hilarious unscripted part is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEVK3j4wJvU In the episode, we hear 4 of the first instructions, then ...


Gravitons are still purely hypothetical, so any statement about them can be true (or false). In physics mass and weight are two different things. Say if your mass is 70kg, then on earth on a scale you would weigh you in at 70kg, however, on the moon (less gravity) your weight will be less. The crucial difference between mass and weight is what is being ...


The line is indeed Mommy, as you can see from the script in scene 199:

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