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It seems to be more a word of warning about the people in his basement and the analogy to heroin addiction in this universe (a room full of unconscious addicts in a grimy basement is very Trainspotting). Yusuf doesn't seem to have any prior connection to Cobb and may assume he doesn't know the full extent of what he's messing with and what it drives people ...


Daddy, as a term used during sexual intercourse, usually signifies that the person saying it is being submissive towards the person (usually a male) that they're saying it to. It can be considered synonymous with other words such as master or Sir. Could also indicate that the male they're saying it to is their sugar daddy, a term for a male who provides ...


As a native Turkish speaker, let me answer your question. The bartender says (in Turkish) - Sorun de─čil which means - No problem.


In the 7th draft, scene 210, of the Dune (1984) script, penned by David Lynch, the word is "Chuuk-sa"


Well the scene is set in Koca Calis Beach, Fethiye, Turkey, but after spending half an hour with Google Translate going through possible Turkish responses to Bond taking a drink behind the bar, such as: feel free, help yourself, on the house, I don't care, go ahead, sure, whatever There's nothing even remotely similar to what he says. I'd be willing to ...


According to the IMDb trivia section for the movie: The "beautiful old Guatemalan love song" sung by Javier to Paula translates to:     When I clean my room     I can't find anything     Where are you going in such a hurry     To the soccer game. Jane Lynch ...


Carpe Diem, Quid Pro Quo, Pro Se, In Vino Veritas, Semper Fi (short for Semper Fidelis)... It's certainly spoken frequently enough as certain phrases have found their way into (almost) everyday life. However, it's definitely not widely used anymore in full.


Latin certainly is still spoken, just not widely. From a BBC article, "Now retired to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Foster continues to speak to friends in the Vatican on the phone in Latin". Foster (that is Father Reginald Foster) is also quoted as saying: Latin is a language, it didn't come down in a golden box from Heaven. You don't have to be clever to speak ...


That is one of the things wrong about this movie. While that village is supposed to be indian, those were Sri Lankan people and spoke sinhalese; Native language of SL. How do I know? Cuz I'm Sri Lankan as well. And to answer your question Indy says "Thank You, Thank you so much" (Isthoothyi, Bohoma Isthoothyi")

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