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Cooper promises to Murph that he will return.


While emphasizing that the car was a hunk of junk, and considering that studio microphones are expensive, getting "a microphone" would seem to fit their slang for getting a gig or a show. They also appreciate music more than anything else. This does conjure up the idea of an interesting story in Elwood's past where he might have not had any control in the ...


Yep, Tim Curry's the henchman, and the battle's between Denis Leary and William Shatner, no less! You're looking for Loaded Weapon 1 from 1993 starring Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson. However, I think the implication is that Tim Curry can't find the final quotation (it's from a Beatles song: We Can Work It Out, 1965) in the quotation book, hence Leary ...


The joke is that music is more important to the Blues Brothers than anything else, even the Caddy. Something as paltry as a microphone is worth more than a car, because they value music as more important. Consider everything else they do to get the band back together, all the laws they break, and you will see that their priorities are screwy.


It's a joke, but it's actually quite reasonable. Some studio microphones sell for astronomical prices. Here's an old Cadillac on ebay for less than $10, 000 (and I didn't search too hard - I'm sure you could do better). Swap that old clunker for one of these (Neumann microphone worth $13, 000) and you've scored yourself a real bargain.


It's a joke to emphasise just how poor the Caddy, which we don't see on screen, actually was. He didn't even sell the car. He just traded it. However, an explanation as to why he did it can be found in the next line in the script: Jake: A microphone? (beat) Okay I can see that. Elwood: This was a bargain. I picked it up at the Mount Prospect City ...


I believe the last line Jake says under his breath in Chinatown is "as little as possible." It refers to his time as a cop in Chinatown when he was told to do "as little as possible" because cops in Chinatown were on the take and looked the other way as part of the deal. But Jake apparently tried to help a woman in Chinatown and as a result she was "hurt." ...


This is a race gag. Tugg Speedman is referring to the group collectively as being unadventurous, however Kirk Lazarus gets super-defensive about being referred to as "you people" (e.g. he implies that Tugg meant "you black people..."). Meanwhile Alpa Chino steps in to take umbridge at Kirk getting upset over Tugg's perceived 'racist' language given that he ...


The quote is "I think maybe you better go back to your quarters and rethink your strategy", and it is from the TV series Tour of Duty Season 2 Episode 6 Sleeping Dogs. This is the scene:


reff :!Lucy-2014-Explained There are a few philosophies that the East believes in. I'm not sure if research was done into the Indian philosophies around dvaitam, advaitam and vishishtadvaitam for this film. Dvaitam: Is the concept that most of the world follows. There is a divine power and there are the creations of ...


Love and perfection can be found in all women, basically being with an amazing woman is the same for every man regardless of were he/she is from. True love is a point reached in a relationship, and that point is always the same "flavour" no matter which as the last and the next. This answers the question where are the prettiest girls, with the answer "each ...


I think he was talking about his dead wife: Parry is saying he remembers everything about what happened and forgives Jack, so Jack can find peace, that's why he was crying (Jack is the wounded, tormented Fisher King and Parry the simple-minded man that helps him, in my interpretation of the movie).


It's from A Date for Gomer (season 4, episode 9) that aired in 1963, where Barney tries to give Gomer some advice about dating: Barney: What Andy's trying to say, Gomer, is: During our lifetime, we travel many roads. There are big roads and little roads, rocky roads and smooth roads. Dirt highways and improved roads. Now, let's take you and that new ...


I think he is just trying to get the point across that he is very drunk and isn't exactly sure how many margaritas he has had and now would be a good time to have a game of strip poker. Strip poker is usually the kinda game you would play when you are drunk.


I'm pretty sure that this is in reference to the fact it looks like the stereotypical "flying saucer" type alien spaceship. He pretends that he was taken aboard an alien spaceship that looked similar to the hat she was wearing, and was experimented on by the aliens to the extent that he is now possibly infertile. He clearly holds distaste for the hat, ...


Medellin is the rivaling cartel, which the US sides with in the movie. Alejandro works for them, taking out the competition on behalf of the US.

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