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"Witness me," as what Nux said. A common thing in all warboys is wanting to go to valhalla. With those words stated, they are hoping to be noticed by the gods of the other world in order to ascend, with all their actions done, along with lives sacrificed is for Valhalla. In Nux's case, (my opinion by the way) he directed it towards the women he grew close ...


Just before the war boys (half life humans) sacrifice themselves they would spray chrome (huffing paint to give them rush) on their face and shout "Witness Me", as they believe that it will take them to Valhalla (heaven in their time). Since in the last scene he was doing a sacrifice Nux shouts the same.


He says "Witness Me"...............


It's the Norwegian prime minister and the Swedish princess, and she's talking Swedish, which norwegians can understand. Edit the actor is Norwegian, but he might be playing the Swedish prime minister. She's asking if he's totally crazy, and that he's elected by the people and he can't do this.


You are correct to assume that Adrian meant Buddhist monks. In June 1963, the Vietnamese monk Thích Quảng Đức burned himself in the middle of Saigon in protest of the persecution of Buddhists. This was followed by similar cases. Time expands: The first and most famous moment of self-immolation as agitprop was that of Thich Quang Duc in 1963. Under the ...


I think joker means that what doesnt kill you, (like the thing he puts in the bankers mouth) makes you a different (strange) person than what you had been... Possibly because those who have had a near death experience usually have a different (strange) perspective about life. Expln. Build on: Dictionary meaning of strange i.e. unusual, uncommon or ...


Well, the script (scene 105a) shows Juno says: "Thundercats are go!", so Ellen Page read her line correctly. It was as written, so you'd need to ask Diablo Cody why it was mashed up.


It clearly looks like a continuity error, but if IMDb's Pulp Fiction FAQ page is to be believed: Why is what Yolanda says in the beginning different from what she says at the end? Tarantino has explained that this is not an error, rather, he did this on purpose. When we first examine the scene, we are seeing Ringo and Yolanda's conversation from ...


That exact line is in The Running Man.


"See you on the other side" is also a reference to the afterlife. It was possibly used in reference to the River Styx and the crossing of such river into the afterlife. This was the meaning Jim Morrison had when he wrote "Break On Through (To The Other Side)", which was released a year or so before the Apollo 8 mission.


Most likely this reference started it's life out as a reference to the astronauts conversation during the Apollo 8 mission, as they passed behind the moon for the first time: CapCom Gerry Carr spoke to the three astronauts more than 200,000 miles away, "Ten seconds to go. You are GO all the way." Lovell replied, "We'll see you on the other side", and ...


Sources I've found for the quote state that it's actually: "Round. Yellow. You know the kind. You wrap/rap ‘em on a stone and they go ‘ding!” And I'm guessing that the homophones "rap" and "wrap" are confused in this example... it's a common mistake. So, if that's the case, I'm guessing that he's talking about gold coins, or generally money. So the ...


I'd say that this phrase is simply a rewording of 'nature vs. nurture'. Basically, if a person grows up in a moral, law abiding family where he/she is taught to uphold the law, they won't grow up to be a villan. But... if a person grows up in the company of 'villans' then the acts of villany will become the norm to them and their moral compass will be ...


He's talking about "Market Panic". If a lot of people start dumping stock, other brokers assume someone has some inside knowledge and they will start dumping stock too. Works the same way in reverse; if a lot of people start buying, others will buy too assuming someone knows something. In those first few cases, they're the "smoke". Once it takes off, ...

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