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The answer to that question is; no one will ever know. David Lynch knew he was onto something ethereal, so he prohibited any promotional photos of the baby and forced his SE crew to sign a release saying they could never talk about it. Lynch, himself, has always been elusive at best. All anyone will ever have is speculation, until Lynch decides to spill ...


As Johnny Bones correctly answers, no one will ever know. John Patterson, a movie critic for the Guardian stated: The secret of the Eraserhead baby is the Holy Grail of Lynch obsessives, and the one thing missing from Greg Olson's otherwise admirably comprehensive biography of Lynch (David Lynch: Beautiful Dark). And yes, it was the first thing I ...


The most widely accepted representation of the lady in the radiator is that she represents death. Taken from http://classic-horror.com/reviews/eraserhead_1977 The mysterious Lady in the Radiator (Laurel Near) represents the Grim Reaper and sings to Henry an eerie song of heaven and of how "everything is fine" there. It can be stated that the radiator ...


In FWWM, not only does he say "I am the arm", but at the end when Bob shows up with Leland after kiling Laura, he assumes the position of Mike's left arm and they say together "Bob, I want all MY garmonbozia." For Lynch, it doesn't get clearer than that for an answer.

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