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This is to reflect Luke's own darkness and how he must overcome it. He sees Vader as the face of true evil which is why it is envisioned here as him. Vader never actually appears there, physically. When it is shown that Vader has Luke's face, this is to represent Luke's own fear of becoming as evil as Vader (if this scene occurred a movie later, it would ...


Lucas explains this on the Empire Strikes Back DVD commentary. Had Luke gone into the cave with no weapons, he would not have met Vader in there. It was a way to teach the person, by showing them what the Dark Side can bring from inside them. Yoda said that what is in there is "only what you take with you" - Luke takes his weapons, he's aggressive - ...


Yes, Luke tells her in The Return of the Jedi, on a footbridge in the Ewoks village. First, he tell her that Vader is his father: LEIA Luke, tell me. What's troubling you? LUKE Vader is here...now, on this moon. LEIA (alarmed) How do you know? LUKE I felt his presence. He's come for me. He can feel when I'm near. That's why I ...


In 1971, Stanley Kubrick cast him as Julian, the bodyguard of Mr. Alexander for A Clockwork Orange. And when such a great director casts you, it is a big thing. So for Star Wars, he did not even have an audition, George Lucas wanted him to have a role. David Prowse as Julian carrying Malcom McDowell in a Clockwork Orange David Prowse says: George ...


I don't know who chose him, probably a combination of the casting director and Lucas. David Prowse was tall and imposing and the movie sets that the character appears in were shot in the UK, and he is English. He did a series of short road-safety 'adverts' in the UK in the 70's - he was the "Green Cross Code Man" - where he had to wear a super-hero ...


A small but important note is the Yoda does not say to go in unarmed he says "Your weapons, you will not need them" Luke was still trusting to physical force and dominance which is a way to the dark side. Had he gone in there trusting the force (even if it had meant his life) then he would have passed the test. It shows how on a knife edge Luke actually ...


According to References to Star Wars in other movies, this if from the 1984 film Grandview, U.S.A. One of the demolition derby cars is named "DARTH VADER" and has a full-size caped figure on the roof. I can't find an image of the car for confirmation, but IMDb does list Star Wars in the Connections section for Grandview, U.S.A.


I read in one book that the Jedi hid a powerful Sith weapon powered by the dark side on Dagobah in the cave. Yoda the last of the Jedi counsel made Dagobah his home to keep watch over the weapon so that it wouldn't fall back into their hands. This explains why the cave was strong with the dark side, but it wasn't explained in the films. The main plot of ...


Yes, it was Dave Prowse playing Vader in that scene. He had the prosthetics adhered to the back of his head for the shoot. Here is a rare photo of Dave on set in the meditation chamber - I believe it comes from the recent J. Rinzler 'making of' book.


Well I think that everyone has answered your question except for why these event happen in the cave, and why Yoda sent Luke into the cave. It was a Jedi practice to pass as a padawan to become a Jedi Knight. It works by using the force to create a mental illusion, much like what you can see in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.


The is no threat in the cave. remember the dark side is fueled by anger, fear and hate. The imagery of the cave is the darkness within the force sensitives own heart. Luke Skywalker, son of Anakin, has the potential to become as evil and twisted as his father had become. Luke in fact sees many images of this later in the series (for those who have ...


I'm not sure about Empire (it may have been Bob Anderon), but the unmasked Darth Vader (Return of the Jedi) is not played by David Prowse. The actor in question there is Sebastian Shaw.

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