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Here are the full floorplans of the Huxtable home from the Cosby Show: First Floor (Piano Terra) Formal Dining Room (Sala Pranzo) Kitchen (Cucina) Cliff's Studio (Studio Cliff) Basement (Cantina) Living Room (Salotto) Entrance (Ingresso) Second Floor (Primo Piano) Bathroom (Bagno) Vanessa & Rudy's Room (Vanessa & Rudy) Theo's Room ...


In the episode titled "27 and Still Cooking" (S7E18), Cliff spends the episode attempting to recreate Calliloo Pot, a restaurant they went to on their honeymoon twenty-seven years prior. So by season seven, they were married twenty-seven years. Cliff turned 48 in the first season, so you could logically surmise that he was roughly 54 years old by their 27th ...

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