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You were right to feel that something is off: The scenes were in a different (and maybe more logical) order in the original script. However, I'll try to prove that the chain of events that's depicted in the film is, at the very least, plausible, and that some of the problem stems from a few misconceptions you had. What was the scene order in the script? ...


Poor editing or a continuity mistake... Seems like opinions differ. I guess depending on what happens in the off-screen moments... both are possible. That being said, there's several continuity mistakes in the movie, so it may very well be the case with this as well. Firstly: Continuity mistake. IMDB has this under their 'Goofs' section. Goofs ...


According to IMDB (on their "Goofs" page for Dark Knight Rises), comicbook.com, and chaoshour.com, this was an actual mistake, and not just a clumsily attempted time jump/flashback. And I haven't found anywhere that explicitly explains why the scene wouldn't be a continuity error. That said, there are plenty of articles & videos out there dedicated to ...


Harvey was white in the comics:

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