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The DVD order of the episodes differs markedly from the airing order, according to TheTVDB: DVD 01/TV 01 The Nigerian Job DVD 02/TV 02 The Homecoming Job DVD 03/TV 07 The Wedding Job DVD 04/TV 09 The Snow Job DVD 05/TV 08 The Mile High Job DVD 06/TV 04 The Miracle Job DVD 07/TV 03 The Two-Horse Job DVD 08/TV 05 The Bank Shot Job DVD 09/TV 06 The Stork Job ...


I have pieced this together before. Obviously Red Dwarf is not huge on continuity, but it makes sense if you think about the timeline this way: Lister was found under the pool table by a couple whose names we don't know (or maybe their names are mentioned in Ouroboros but I forget). Let's call them Bob and Sue. They raised him and he considered them his ...

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