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It was a mistake. Out of universe, just a production goof. In universe, Gary Mitchell made a human error. From Memory Alpha: The gravestone Mitchell creates for Kirk says "James R. Kirk". According to D.C. Fontana in the introduction for Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 1, when the mistake was discovered, Gene Roddenberry decided that if pressed for an ...


El Indio doesn't give it to him. It's already his. In earlier scenes, you can see Manco wearing it. I imagine it's some sort of brace for the wrist to help with recoil, and also that it's the sign of a professional Gunman. If you look here, (Edit: I pasted the exact time, but the link doesn't show the exact time. Look for 2:06:10) ...


The significance of it, is that this is the piece of kit that differentiates him from the characters Blondie, and The Stranger, from the other two movies. Just as Colonel Douglas Mortimer wears his gun on his belly to differentiate his character from Angel Eyes (who does not). Because these movies were made on the cheap, with basically the same wardrobes, ...


If you believe that Clint Eastwood is playing the same character in all 3 movies (because , unbelievably, some people don't), I've seen comment that he wears it as a brace due to his hand injury from A Fistful Of Dollars which would make sense.

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