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To give another example of the fluid internal history of Red Dwarf - In "Thanks for the Memory" Lister copies the memory of an old girlfriend and gives it to Rimmer. When Rimmer finds out he realizes why some things didn't make sense, including why he had his appendix removed for a second time. It also means Rimmer had his appendix removed whilst fairly ...


The DVD order of the episodes differs markedly from the airing order, according to TheTVDB: DVD 01/TV 01 The Nigerian Job DVD 02/TV 02 The Homecoming Job DVD 03/TV 07 The Wedding Job DVD 04/TV 09 The Snow Job DVD 05/TV 08 The Mile High Job DVD 06/TV 04 The Miracle Job DVD 07/TV 03 The Two-Horse Job DVD 08/TV 05 The Bank Shot Job DVD 09/TV 06 The Stork Job ...

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