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The guy holding two lobsters is Woody Allen playing the part of Alvy Singer from Annie Hall. The second guy is Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty from Blade Runner.


Honda is indeed sponsoring the latest season: Honda has joined as the presenting sponsor of the highly anticipated sixth season of Community, premiering exclusively on Yahoo Screen on March 17. As part of a one-year, online video upfront program Honda will have several integrations in Community as well as pre-roll video ads on new episodes and series ...


I am fairly sure it was never mentioned that Troy had specific plans for his career after community college. My assumption is that he does not have anything planned yet. That is backed by several facts: His original plan was to play football and go to a elite university. That plan was ruined (by himself) when he dislocated both his shoulders before the big ...


TylerShads' answer already covers pretty well where in the series we see evidence that Jeff is being favored by the Dean, so I will just add a bit of my view on the "why": Throughout the series it becomes a running gag that the Dean is, lets say, a major oddball. For example he dresses up regularly in strange outfits without any proper reason, more than ...


Inspector Space time is a direct parody of the series "Doctor Who". Some clear parallels: Inspector Spacetime travels in a time traveling phone box. The Doctor travels in a time traveling police box. The enemies of the Inspector are know as the Blorgons Which are a parody of the Daleks from Doctor Who


Without any specific references, this seems to have just become another running gag on the show, much like the groups disdain for Pierce or Troy and Abed having crazy antics together. The earliest I can remember at this moment is about midway through Season 1 when Jeff is dating Professor Slater, the Dean starts to quiz them on their after school ...


In addition to onewho's excellent answer, I'd like to point out how Inspector Spacetime was initially introduced into the show. In 3x01 Biology 101, Britta gets Abed interested in a British TV show called Cougarton Abbey (because of course Britta only watches European TV), which is an obvious parody of the British series Downton Abbey (and a wink to the US ...


The Variety article Yvette Nicole Brown Leaves ‘Community’ cited personal reasons: Yvette said she is leaving the show for personal reasons: namely, to take care of her ailing father. “My dad needs daily care and he needs me,” Brown told TV Guide. “The idea of being away 16 hours a day for five months, I couldn’t do it. It was a difficult ...


Inspector space time is a direct parady of Doctor Who. Inspector Spacetime is a direct homage to the long-running BBC science fiction TV show Doctor Who. The show within the Community universe follows closely the story of Doctor Who with the Inspector and his partner traveling in a red telephone box known as the X7 Dimensionizer time booth, the ...


It doesn't seem to be a reference to a previous event, a movie or TV show, or to introduce a new plot: @OkSteev: Was the Garrett/Leonard staring scene a joke or is that a plot for a later day? @atrubens: Joke. Absurdism. This is from Alex Rubens' twitter post. Alex Rubens is one of the writers for Community.


OK, it seems the kids were Japanese and the city was supposed to be Tokyo:


I think it was a joke of Garret wanting a seat at "The" table and Leonard protecting the viewers from that awkward possiblity. clever stuff, basically suggesting the viewers wouldnt really like garret.


The plan was for Chang to regain the trust of the Dean (by faking Changnesia and passing off as Kevin, the nice guy everybody likes) and then destroy Greendale from within. He basically reached that goal in the last episode of Season 4 "Heroic Origins", where he gets the chance to ruin the school but changes his mind in the last second when the study group ...


As DForck42 correctly noted in his comment, depending on the gravity of the injury it is not unreasonable to still hurt after two months. Even if healed, some injuries will continue to hurt for years or even a whole lifetime. Obviously Troy's injury was not that bad, but my guess is that they did not care too much about the minor detail of the time frame ...

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