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This is from Lucky Luke and the Daltons from 2004. IIRC it's a magic red sombrero that makes the wearer invulnerable. You can see the scene here (the exact moment is around 1:35):


Sounds like "When Harry Met Sally" but that seems too easy...? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098635/?ref_=nv_sr_1


Sounds like Love and Mary from 2007. Here's the trailer. From Wiki: Hoping to raise money from engagement presents [heroine Mary] decides to visit her family in Texas with her [nerdy] fiancé, Brent. Brent comes down with an allergy before the trip and she takes his twin brother Jake, a jailbird, to pretend to be Brent. While in Texas she falls in love ...


If you need the title, it's called The Other Side. From the Kokomo Tribune, 1996: Mark Curry takes his comedy act back to Oakland's Paramount Theater, where he watched comedians and rock stars as a teenager. "Mark Curry —The Other Side" debuted Saturday on the HBO Comedy Hour, with repeats Thursday, Aug. 25 and 27. The star of the ABC series "Hangin' ...

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