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Sounds to me like it's Screwballs (1983). Plot: Four male friends at Taft and Adams High School try to see the bare breasts of Purity Bush, the most beautiful girl in school. Note the reference to the hot chick you're mentioning.


It's an interesting question and I don't want it to go unanswered, but you have to realize that a sketch can be performed several times by different people. However, given the time period and venue, there's a good chance you're looking for Anne Bancroft. In 1970, Bancroft won an Emmy for a CBS special called Annie, the Women in the Life of a Man where she ...


Seems you're after Billy Wilder's Buddy Buddy from 1981 with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Hitman Trabucco has been hired to eliminate Rudy "Disco" Gambola before he testifies against fellow members of the Mob, but completing the contract becomes problematic once he encounters suicidal Victor Clooney, an emotionally disturbed television censor staying ...

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