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The Last Drop (wiki), 2005 British commandos sent to retrieve art and gold, competing with German deserters and the SS to get it during Operation Market Garden. Pretty much "The Monuments Men" vs. "Three Kings".


Not silent and from 1951, but this sounds an awful lot like Vittorio de Sica's B&W comedy Miracle in Milan. From Wiki: This fantasy tale tells of Totò who, found in a cabbage patch, is adopted by Lolotta, a wise and kind old woman. When Lolotta dies he moves to an orphanage. At eighteen Totò (Francesco Golisano) leaves the orphanage and ends up in a ...


This is Private Resort from 1985 starring the very young Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow as teenagers in a Miami resort. Morrow keeps running into a jewel thief called the Maestro (Hector Elizondo) and his wife. In one scene, Morrow poses as a barber and gives the Maestro a terrible haircut (shaving his hair down the middle); in another he poses as a runway model ...

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