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You are thinking of the movie "Life as We Know It", from 2010. In it, there is a couple that falls in love, marries and has a baby. They die in an automobile accident, and while the respective god parents don't like each other, they come together for the sake of the baby and end up falling for each other.


Frog and Wombat (1998) From her bedroom window, Alli (code name "Frog") thinks that she has discovered the cover up of a serious crime. She is convinced that her new school principal has committed a murder, and she is going to prove it! When her best friend, Jane (code name "Wombat"), rejects this idea, a brazen Frog decides to set up ...


I believe you are describing the 1965 movie "Situation Hopeless...But Not Serious", with Alec Guinness and Robert Redford. In it, two aviators are forced to bail out over Germany. They are hidden in a cellar by a friendly German who enjoys their company so much that he lies to them letting them think the war is not over after it ends.

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