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The woman is one of the younger prostitutes, working from the tavern. She upsets the cowboy by laughing at him - specifically giggling at his size. When talking to Little Bill after the attack, Alice (the unofficial leader of the girls) says: She's going to live. She didn't steal nothing. She didn't even touch his poke. Alls she done, when she ...


Watch Little Bill's conversation in the jail to the writer. It shows that Bill ran in the same social circles as Bob when he was younger and that there is little real difference between them. He also knows about Eastwood and his history. The old gun fighters have grown up and are trying to find ways in the world but the world has no real use for them ...


It was mentioned in the film that woman had said something unflattering about the size of the cowboy's 'equipment'. This angered him and he cut her up.


Taking a crack at this since it's been unanswered for so long. It may be a way to signify innocence in everyone as a child in that not only in this movie but a lot. Any time there are kids involved you usually get the stereotypical kids drawing of a house or of the family posted somewhere to give a kind of atmosphere and a bit of sympathy that this is a ...


I believe it's a reference to Tsar Nicholas II and his Fabergé Eggs. But I do not have a definitive source for that.


English Bob alludes to the fact that Little Bill was a drunkard and (by implication) an outlaw. They definitely crossed paths before but it is not indicated whether it was adversarial. Little Bill refers to Bob and himself as rare examples of "dangerous men" - men who can remain cool under pressure and kill without hesitation or remorse. These two and ...

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