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There's a film called "Russian Ark" that was shot in the Hermitage museum in St, Petersburg, Russia. I believe the Entire Thing is one long take .. spanning several hours


There are lots of resources in YouTube which will teach you how to shoot any scene if you know what to type in the search box. To start google the terms in bold. If you shoot line by line, when you edit the clips together, you will have an unnaturally choppy conversation. The common way to do this is by letting the actors play the conversation while ...


Even being told as real time stories, all of these movies (The Rope, Slacker and Birdman) had cuts in between scenes. In the case of Birdman, required a lot of preparation and choreography from the crew, and post-production work. But a movie called Russian Ark (2002) is in fact a single shot, for the entire movie. According to Wikipedia, "Three attempts ...


After some searching, I found out it's a type of film transition called Graphic Match Cut. From Wikipedia: The cut joins together two pieces of film that contain two similarly shaped objects in similar positions in the frame. One of the most famous examples of this is the edit in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey where the bone thrown by a ...

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