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That's a method used to add camera shake (as @Catija suggested). The anti-shake features present on the cameras would otherwise make the effect have to be done in post-production, which is far more expensive.


Back in the day (1995) I worked at a Motion Picture Camera rental shop in Boston and it was commonly known that the under the radar Hollywood re-make "Sabrina" (1995) had been shot on early HD video but to this day I don't see any credit for that, so maybe that is the first film.


There are four possibilities I can think of, but I'm pretty sure they use the first one (a jib). Possibility 1: A jib. This is crane arm with the camera on the end of it. You can raise and lower the arm, and also pivot the are left or right to track things left or right. These are sometimes on dollies so they can roll across the floor too. ...

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