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There's no actual trick here. The man is standing directly in front of the mirror (directly in front of her) but she's looking at the camera to make you think he's standing in front of the camera. The camera is off at a 60 degree (or so) angle from the mirror, so it would never catch itself in the frame. I've made an overhead view to help clarify it.


That was pretty easy. The camera is on an angle to the mirror, probably about 15 feet back. Zoomed in so it looks closer. But you'll notice it's still on an angle to the mirror. The actor steps into frame without any problems, and because the camera is so far back and off to the side you can't see its reflection. A tougher one is the dressing room scene ...


In the film el secreto de sus ojos there is a scene that starts with an air view of the stadium and continues with actions of the actors in thier seats in the stadium. Scene

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