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Like some comments above said - this is very broad and has changed greatly in time (b&w movies?). But current trend, seems to be, in addition to those items above described here. In case language wasn't comprehensible for You let me summarize: time slowdowns screen aspect ratio ("(in)famous black bars") proper color palette music grain 24 ...


I think what you might be driving at is something called "The Film Look", something that is instantly recognisable due to a combination of high-intensity lighting, fully focused camera shots and, most importantly, the frame and shutter speeds.


I believe the following all contribute to a "movie" feeling: The sound! It is well known that you can get away with a bad image, but not with a bad sound. It immediately sets apart a movie from a professional apart from one made by an amateur (unless that amateur has professional level of sound editing). The Music also helps a lot and is carefully chosen ...


As it turns out, it was expectedly not a single shot, but skilled editing of multiple continous tracking shots, some done with steadicam and some done with cranes (and a little bit of CGI). In fact it didn't even all take place in Mexico City but also partly in Pinewood Studios London. This is explained by the movie's cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema in a ...

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