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The earliest known historical record of a moving image projected onto a screen for an audience was in China around 370 BCE by Mozi using a camera obscura. Keep in mind, this was not a recorded image, but a live projection. However, it was very much like a modern cinema in that the audience was in a dark room, a ray of light projected an image from behind ...


Actually "The Photodrama of Creation" is the first motion picture to incorporate film,color, and synchonized sound. Hence the first movie.


It was used by James Caan near the finale of LADY IN A CAGE (1964). I never heard the word in the film 55 Days at Peking.


From Wikipedia, excerpt on 3D films: The first 3D feature film was Nat Deverich's 5-reel melodrama Power of Love (US '22), starring Terry O'Neil and Barbara Bedford. It premiered at the Ambassador Hotel Theater, Los Angeles, on September 27, 1922.

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