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Some of Ken Loach's films have a huge amount of swearing in them. Sweet Sixteen must have the highest ratios of swear words to words overall. His 1969 film Kes used the words "bastard" and "twat" a few times, and one case of "fucking". This seemed to pass without much controversy at all.


Many movies are too long to fit on a single transportable roll of motion picture film. Although some movie houses would have shown such movies with a short intermission between rolls, most decent movie houses would have two projectors. The first roll would be shown on the first projector, and then while that roll was playing the projectionist would have ...


The countdown and beep are also used for audio/video synchronization. The beep must correspond exactly with the number transitions. Some leaders also had a flash at each second mark to help with adjusting the beep. This process was later automated with equipment that can detect the flash and beep and align them. See 2-Pop For related information.


This is known as a film leader and as well as a countdown to the start of the movie itself, also often contains technical information for the projectionist including aspect-ratio, sound settings etc. The purpose of the leader is primarily to allow extra film for the projectionist to wind onto the projector. The countdown is just to show the projectionist ...


What you're talking about is a Film Leader. Originally, a frame was inserted once every 16 frames (16 frames per foot for 35mm film) with numbers marked 11 to 3. At some point in the mid 1960's that was changed to a continuous countdown with a new number every second (time interval as opposed to length interval) that ran backwards from 8 to 2. If you ...


The Wolf of Wallstreet was definitely the peak of profanity in cinema, though. M.A.S.H. (1970) was the first major studio film to introduce the F word, which gave Hollywood the green flag. Generally speaking, profanity must have started from British cinema, rather than American, just like it did in literature.

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