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The version of events in Once Upon A Time is not exactly like any other canon film or movie; even the events that were borrowed from Frozen are only canon within the Once Upon A Time show. (In order words, Frozen 2 won't need to keep faithful to any of what happened in Storybrooke). They were more faithful to Frozen than the other fairy tales, but mostly for ...


In OUAT it shows her making the coat and so do the other two movies. So the only canon coat making story is the story featured on OUAT.


It is not shown in any movie explicitly how he is alive. However, as per post credit scenes of movie X-Men Last stand ,he transfered his mind to his evil twin. You can read this another related question Also in the end-credit scenes of The Wolverine, he and Magneto confront Wolverine at the airport where on being asked, "How's this possible?", Prof X. says, ...

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