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The primary technique used for flying stunts are wire harnesses and then wire removal. The actors wear a harness which is connected to wires that suspend the actor in mid-air. If the scene is filmed in front of a green screen (chroma keying), then the wires can be removed automatically in most cases, before the background is added. If no chroma keying is ...


This is possibly a plot hole. To be knocked out, he would have to have been hit by the plane. But a commercial airliner flying at that height (around 1000 feet) would be doing at least 150 knots (290 km/h or 170 mi/h) which would obliterate anything. But by this time we've seen that the boys are able to protect themselves with their "powers". It may ...


It was cut out the scene, but I just watched this, and I remember hearing the hit. It was implied that the guy was hit. It was sort of a messy scene, but I re-iterate that I am pretty sure that the sound of the hit was there.

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