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my reason on why the waiter called him "Lady" is because theyre use to him acting like a woman so they can tell the difference between Tyler and Marla. So as a sign of respect they play along with it.


The word "Galore" comes from the Irish term "Go Leoir" meaning plenty.


I know, I thought so too when I first saw Jake. But it turns out his eyes are not inverted. The sclera of his eye (aka "the white of the eye") isn't shown. The whole eye is drawn black, as can be seen on dogs whose eyes are not turned at extreme angle and the white circle we see is reflected light, like on this random stock photo of a dog (not the same model ...


Most likely (from military perspective) Seroquel (antipsychotic) Trazodone (sleeping/antidepressant) Zoloft (antianxiety) Military doctors work on sliding scale. If one medication doesn't work, up the dosage. if higher dosage doesn't work, change medication, ad nauseam. These are most often prescribed for said conditions


Right up near the top would be Mickey Rooney in the Andy Hardy series. There were 16 full length films and one short. Mickey Rooney probably appeared in more films than anyone else, over 320, usually in the leading part.


in the new film 300:rise of an empire , his fathers dying words were only a god can defeat the greeks . spurred on by eva greens character artesemsia he gets wrapped in chains and gauze inscribed with sumerian text and wanders into the desert until he finds a cave with a pool of gold liquid , upon exiting the pool , he now has flaming red eyes is hairless ...


The Greeks called all of the Persian kings "God Kings" beause thy were bowed to, and th Greeks had the mindset that only gods were to be bowed to, so they called them that in a sarcastic way.


Walt used the baby monitor to detonate the bomb. When he turned it on Gus could hear the background noise's and Walt talking to himself.


Miss Pussy Galore was suposed to be a Lesbian . With that in mind, She Is surely a Pussy Galore. Abundant Pleasure but yet unbroken. Until 007 came. She turned as an ally to 007,after being detained by Goldfinger. Some eventful night on the detaining room must've open Pussy's perspective on having a good time with a male counterpart... Maybe mr.Fleming had ...


I can't find any definitive reason for it, but this is my take: Following Siegfried's death, Brunhild confesses that she in fact lied about Siegfried taking her virginity. Seeing him actually die stirs a sudden, unbearable sense of remorse and drives her to take her own life. This appears to echo Shakespeare's Macbeth, where Lady Macbeth begins as the ...


Just go to http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Chip_'n_Dale_Rescue_Rangers and do control-F (or Command-F on a Mac) to search for the word "he" on the page, you can find various lines where the characters were referred to as "he", like this one from Kiwi's Big Adventure: [When Gadget finds out Dale is faking] Gadget: Why that little...! He couldn't...! ...


From the Disney Comics Wiki about Chip & Dale: Their earliest acquaintances were two girlfriends that they both shared, Clarice and Chi-Chi (why they didn't just date one each is unknown). Also: They also shared twin nephews, Zip 'n' Zap, and had a common Grandpa (as well as other relatives), which raises the possibility that they are related, ...


For a long time, there was nothing specific about the two chipmunks to clearly identify their sex within the old cartoons. From Disney's own site: Who's Who? Ever wonder how to tell these 2 chipmunk brothers apart? Chip has a small black nose with 2 teeth in the center of his mouth. Dale has a big red nose and 2 buck teeth with a gap in the middle. ...


This is the scene in question: Knock, knock. Jerry: Hey. Katie: Hey. Jerry: l warmed up some of your favorite ice cream. Strawberry. Katie: That's your favorite ice cream. Jerry: Yeah, well, you got here early. I didn't have time to go shopping. I took this to mean he's being playful with her. He offers her the ice cream and jokingly refers ...


I'm not sure if it has some special significance in this particular instance, but "Smith" is one of the most common surnames in the US, perhaps even the most common. So when someone wants to pick a pseudonym to mask their true identity, it's a typical choice. And for some reason, "Smith" has acquired this reputation more than any other common surname, so ...


To heck with it, I'm going to convert my comment to an answer: I'm pretty sure the marking is just some of the fabric of her dress that has come down from her shoulder. If you pause the scene just a few frames before your first image, you can see the same mark in that position. I assume that when they filmed the more close up shots they deliberately fixed ...


It's a grounding technique I've seen suggested for people who have survived traumas. Basically a bio-feedback mechanism to remind you that you are alive/settle you after an emotionally volatile experience.

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