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In case of Hollywood movies to be broadcasted in India, certification is a must. There are a few examples: 1)Under the A category the board usually allows the portrayal of very strong, gory, graphic, brutal and/or sadistic violence. Film such as Prometheus (R-rated in the US) have received this certificate. 2)Under the U category, only mild sexual ...


CBFC stands for Central Board of Film Censors,Pakistan or Central Board of Film Certification, India. As the question is tagged "bollywood", I am taking it as the latter one. It is a referred to as censor board for movies in India. The Center Board of Film Certification is a censorship and classification body under the Ministry of Information and ...


If you mean documentaries, when you say Long TV serials and programs (that is what I can think of, by long programs), then officially, they need to be sent to CBFC for review. I am not sure, whether CBFC actually awards a certification for the same. Reason being, if a certification is given, then it has to be displayed before start of the ...


Anything to be played in theaters in India, needs CBFC certification (or rating). Let it be a movie (in any language, of any origin) or an advertisement, it needs the certificate. Playing videos directly in theaters, without certification is an offense in India. For CDs and DVDs certification is advised, but it is not needed for non-Indian movies.

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